February 9, 2010

Red Plates: Bringing Sexy Back to the Table

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day and the color red have gone hand in hand. It’s no wonder then, that red has become the symbol of love, romance and passion par excellence. Moreover, in many cultures around the world red conjures up images of all things happy, powerful and celebratory. So why not carry over these same positive feelings to the tabletop of your eatery business, namely to your dinnerware, for Valentine’s Day?

It’s really not that difficult to accomplish. All you need to jazz up your regular Valentine’s preparations are some fantastic
red plates to serve that equally fantastic mouthwatering food fare. Just with their warm and stimulating burst of color, red plates can instantly catch a customers’ eye and draw attention to the chef’s culinary creations. When you think of it, red plates can be considered as something akin to lingerie for the tabletop seductive, racy, inviting. They’re the one item that can definitely bring sexy back to the table, specially when celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Leave it to
Miami Restaurant Supplies to help you play Cupid and paint the town red this coming Valentine’s Day. Its inventory of over 1,400 dinnerware items as well as vast selection of silverware and glassware are quite impressive; it’s like a candy store for eateries looking for anything and everything to stock or restock their tabletops. Say you have a bold sense of style or business décor: you can get your red fix in the form of totally red square plates, triangle plates, round plates, or oval plates. If, on the other hand, you happen to favor a more discreet look, then the red trim plates with just a hint of red might strike your fancy. And no matter what your final choice might be, all plates are made of durable, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe materials fit for any eatery looking for new ways to win hearts and, in the process, more sales dollars.

With over four decades of servicing restaurants, cafeterias, catering businesses, party planners and hotels,
Miami Restaurant Supplies knows how to spice up your eatery business for any holiday or occasion. Although tabletop items of all kinds are its specialty, it’s plates that have cemented its reputation in the local market. Miami Restaurant Supplies has the biggest selection of plates for appetizers, salads, main courses, soups and desserts.

This Valentine’s Day, show your customers some love and roll out the red carpet for them. Bring on the decadent chocolate desserts, the bottles of fancy champagne and the pretty flower arrangements. But don’t leave out another important item on your to-do list: sexy red plates from
Miami Restaurant Supplies.

January 29, 2010

Triangle Plates: Thinking Out of the Box

The new year has arrived and so has the chance to jumpstart your eatery business with fresh new marketing ideas ones that throw out traditional notions and embrace thinking outside the box. Consider one of these innovative ideas that can be applied to your business in no time and without making a big dent on your budget: triangle plates.

Why triangle plates, you may ask yourself? Well, why not? After all, it’s the shape of things to come in the restaurant industry. Gone are the days of the much seen, much overused conventional round plates. These highly trying financial times and today’s fiercely competitive atmosphere call for bold and daring dinnerware in edgy shapes and colors that strike a chord with customers. And triangle plates provide a very fashionable and original framework for food fare at restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, party rental companies, and party planning companies. They can be used for anything ranging from soups, salads and desserts to appetizers and main courses. More importantly, they resonate with modern customers who tend to have a very discriminating taste and a fondness for everything chic and cutting edge.

To kick off 2010 on the right note, it’s probably a smart move to seek the assistance of specialized firms such as Miami Restaurant Supplies. This 40-year old North Miami business has just about anything and everything under the sun to revamp, revitalize and rev up your sales and customer traffic via your tabletop. Although a major supplier of glassware, silverware and dinnerware, its specialty is plates by the most renowned brands and in all imaginable styles, colors, patterns, and shapes - including triangle plates. Take for instance super white porcelain triangle models like Camptown and Triumph; they provide a wide range of plate sizes to serve every type of food fare with elegance and style. In addition, Miami Restaurant Supplies offers other restaurant business staples such as accessories for cooking, baking and serving.

Looking to renew, restock or simply complement your existing inventory of dinnerware? Miami Restaurant Supplies is the place to drop by or visit online, thanks to its experienced staff, expertise in the restaurant industry and unsurpassed inventory of quality merchandise. Seeking sound professional advice on how to spice up your tabletop presentation? The experts at Miami Restaurant Supplies suggest and recommend one of a kind solutions tailored to your business’ specific needs. Furthermore, they work around your budget to ensure you get the most bang out of every buck you spend.

In 2010, make the resolution to think outside the box by embracing the quirky yet alluring appeal of triangle plates. After all, nobody should settle for plain vanilla dinnerware when there are so many exciting options and endless possibilities awaiting your business at Miami Restaurant Supplies.

January 27, 2010

Strike Gold with Fine Silverware

There it was in all its splendid glory. The biggest, juiciest and most mouth-watering steak the customer had laid eyes on in quite a while. He’s about to eagerly cut into it when something catches his attention. The steak knife’s handle looks very distressed and worn out. So much, in fact, that it instantly distracts him away from what should have been an otherwise perfect dining experience*definitely not the kind of impression you wish to make on your customers. The steak knife should have complemented the main course, not diminished its appeal.

It’s no secret that the image of an eatery is enhanced not just by the right furniture, wall paint color, lighting, background music and overall décor. An elegant table setting with the right choice of flatware can speak volumes of a restaurant’s true character and your personal taste as the owner, manager or chef of the business.

When selecting the appropriate silverware for your eatery business, style, function, quality and durability are the most important factors. But who do you turn to for fine commercial flatware? You should look for a company with a solid reputation; a proven track record in the industry; a vast inventory of quality and durable silverware product lines and brands; and experienced salespeople who know their stuff. Sounds daunting? Not really, if you happen to make your first stop at Miami Restaurant Supplies.

Whether you’re shopping around for dinner forks, salad forks, oyster forks, dinner knives, steak knives, tablespoons, iced tea spoons, bouillon spoons, teaspoons, demitasse spoons, butter spreaders or serving pieces, Miami Restaurant Supplies can suit all your needs. And it does so while providing a personalized service, 40 years of experience in the industry, and an unsurpassed selection of modern, traditional, formal and casual flatware. Its roster of clients include restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, party rental companies, cafeterias, party planners and catering companies.

Browse Miami Restaurant Supplies’ website or drop by its North Miami location to place your order. Either way, you’ll be pleasantly impressed by its seemingly endless selection of brands and styles: Como, Lincoln, Parisian Gold, Pearl, Rope, Toulouse, Bamboo, Panther Link, Princeton, Bead, Continental, Dots, Dominion, Elite, Flute, Windsor, Houston, Lisa, Lafayette, Manhattan, Shangarila, Regency, Stanford, Winston… the list goes on and on. Plus, Miami Restaurant Supplies offers medium weight, heavyweight and extra heavyweight stainless steel options as well as mirror finishes.

Silverware should never be a deal breaker but rather a deal maker. So it makes perfect sense to put Miami Restaurant Supplies at the top of your shopping list. With its expertise, experienced staff and affordable prices, you can actually strike gold by improving your eatery’s traffic and profits.

January 20, 2010

The Party Never Stops with the Right Plates

Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? You know, the one with lots of clients knocking on your business’ door and lots of green stashed in your cash register? Who wouldn’t? After all, the holidays are just around the corner and every restaurant, hotel, catering business, and party planner could use a much needed boost to end this challenging year with a bang.

But how can you help to make it happen? You would think that just by offering great food, competitive prices and a quality service, clients would flock to your business. But a quick and objective look at your dinnerware selection, specially your party plates, might give you a clue as to why you might not be winning over many new clients despite all your best efforts. Let’s call it the “blah” factor: that dull, worn out or run of the mill look that characterizes outdated party plates. The party plates that once had that shiny new glow to them, now just seem in dire need of excitement and allure.

Enter Miami Restaurant Supplies with its inspiring collection of cool party plates for finger buffets and cocktails. Round or square, party plates—in their own small, humble way—can be the life of any party. The built-in stemware holder of the newer party plate models allows its users to hold their plates with one hand while using their free hand to grab food from their plates or shake other guests’ hands. This smart and convenient feature makes mingling easier and more enjoyable since guests don’t have to juggle their food, drink and plate, all while socializing. Plus, it’s perfectly suited for all sorts of celebrations whether it’s a corporate party, Christmas party, New Year’s Eve celebration, family gathering, birthday bash, wedding reception, anniversary party, baby shower or bachelorette party.

With the holiday season fast approaching us, take the time to put your best foot forward and use the best of everything for any special celebration: best food, decorations, entertainment and, of course, party plates. And by the way, you can forget about the cheaper plastic versions of conventional party plates. They just don’t come across as classy and elegant as their fabulous porcelain counterparts and they‘re less durable in the long run.

Parties are meant to be a fun, festive and memorable occasion for the attending guests. You can rely on Miami Restaurant Supplies to help you make it happen and aid your bottom line. After all, ‘tis the season to be merry when the party never stops thanks to your excellent planning and the right party plates from Miami Restaurant Supplies.

November 24, 2009

Restaurant Tables Need Makeovers Too

Great location? Check. Stylish decor? Absolutely. Spectacular menu and service? Definitely. Attractive dinnerware? Oops! If an eatery’s dinnerware and table setting are less than impressive and too unforgettable, it just might be time for a makeover.

The right dinnerware serves as the perfect backdrop for culinary creations and showcases their colors, textures and shapes. Dinnerware can be fun, hip, classic, edgy, formal, casual, trendy, modern or bold. It can transform the ordinary act of serving food into something captivating and memorable. Plus, it can complement the ambiance of the eatery and boost the overall dining experience, thus adding value to the business brand.

And when it comes to dinnerware, nobody can shock and awe customers like Miami Restaurant Supplies. Whether it’s dinner plates, buffet plates, charger plates, entrée plates, appetizer plates, salad plates, pasta plates, soup plates or dessert plates, its selection is as varied as your needs. It has the biggest selection of plates than any other distributor to supply restaurants, hotels, catering companies, party planners, party rental businesses or mom and pop cafeterias.

These days square plates are all the rage and Miami Restaurant Supplies’ inventory of square dinnerware is second to none: Aurora, Bamboo, Citysquare, Crystal, Elite, Fashionware, French, Fusion, Kingsquare, Lotus Silver, Miami Hot Wave, Nouve, Prince, Soho, and Whittier, among others. Any one of these square plate options are beautiful enough to turn heads, yet they’re practical enough for everyday use. Square plates manage to please the growing discriminating taste of customers while making a perfect fit with almost every type of cuisine, either Asian, American, Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern or Fusion.

Whatever you need to furnish your table, Miami Restaurant Supplies definitely has it thanks to its dazzling selection of brands, styles, patterns, and colors for every taste, occasion and budget. Add to that 40 years of experience in the restaurant supply industry and the personalized service of its owners, and there’s no way you can go wrong.

Dinner tables don’t need to look outdated, bland or plain boring when they can undergo an instant makeover at a very affordable cost. You only get one chance to make a good impression on your customers. Why not improve your odds with the perfect combination of fine dinnerware, glassware and silverware from Miami Restaurant Supplies?

October 28, 2009

Add Bling to Any Table with Square Plates

Take your average restaurant, add a healthy portion of charm & character, equal parts of awesome food and service, a pinch of warmth, mix all and serve on a spectacular collection of square plates and voila…you’ve just added some serious bling to the whole dining experience.

And when shopping for amazing eye candy for your eatery business, Miami Restaurant Supply is your best bet. With the largest collection of restaurant-quality plates in South Florida, Miami Restaurant Supplies offers over 1,400 china products for restaurants, hotels and cafeterias.

Its impressive collection of square plates combine beauty and functionality at very affordable prices. Whether it’s Citysquare, Aurora, Fusion, Lotus Silver, Prince, Soho, Miami Hot Wave, Elite, French, Zen, Tokia, Whittier, Sushia or Bamboo, the possibilities run the gamut from understated to dramatic. And all are oven, dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Going from ordinary to extraordinary is just a click away.
Visit the Miami Restaurant Supplies website and see all the fabulous ways to take your dining table to the next level of sophistication and customer appeal.

Juan M. Fenton

October 20, 2009

Square Plates Put Your Business in Good Shape

These days you need more than exquisite food and first-rate service to ensure the continued success of a restaurant business. Favorable word-of-mouth, competitive pricing, a welcoming ambiance and a dazzling presentation of the chef’s food are equally important.

Presentation-wise, nothing catches the eye of customers & enhances the dining experience like stylish square plates. They’re strikingly distinctive, edgy, fun and more memorable than their more conventional round cousins. Whether to complement your existing dinnerware or completely renew it, Miami Restaurant Supplies offers you the variety of designs, brands, patterns and prices you seek in square plates to showcase your menu.

Appetizers, salads, main courses and desserts…they’ll all look stunning in square plates like Aurora, Fusion, Lotus Silver, Prince or Soho. Want to surprise & captivate your clients in other catchy ways? Consider Whittier, Sushia or Bamboo pattern square plates.

A feast for the eye and a plus to your marketing, square plates are worth exploring at Miami Restaurant Supplies. They’re a good investment to pleasantly impress, win over and retain your client base.

Juan M. Fenton